Ingredients within our skincare

Many of us buy products because of how they smell, how they feel or because a friend told us to try it. The reality is though we can only evaluate if the product is good for us by understanding the ingredients in it.

Some ingredients can really be harmful to conditions like acne and allergies and can lead to premature ageing. Ingredients are the bread and butter of a product so we need to know the effect they have on the skin.

We have a natural protectant on our skin called our Acid Mantle. Our skins have a PH of 4.5-5.5 depending on our genetic background. This is to protect against bacteria.  A baby begins to develop their acid mantle around 3 hours after being born!

If you look at the PH scale you will see that soap is a PH 9, this means it is ALKALI the skin is 4.5-5.5 so it’s is 10,000 times too drying for the skin.  Mr muscle cleaning liquids have the same ph level as soap!! So it strips away the acid mantle leaving the skin exposed to bacterial invasion leading to sensitivity and dehydration!

We need to use a ph balanced, soap free cleanser to remove make up and clean the skin.

Another ingredient to check for is ISOPROPYL MYRISTATE it makes a product feel silky smooth and light, however it is what we call comedogenic  ( blackhead causing) it can actually move and creep into the follicle and irritate it causing more cells and oil to be produced therefore congestion ( bumpiness in the skin) it is even in WD40!! It’s in both cheap and expensive products especially in foundations and moisturisers…..take a look on their ingredient listing….it may explain why your skin is getting a lot of blackheads! It’s like a toothbrush in your follicle irritating it!

My last ingredient for tonight is Artifical colour…..why do manufacturers make toners pink, and cleansers blue etc ? Does it improve the skin? NO

Artificial colour is very blackhead causing especially the d and c reds…..the red lipsticks for example can lead to tiny microcomedones around the lips. You may get congestion just along your blusher line.  You may get congestion on the forehead due to a red shampoo.

It is an old fashioned way of signaturing a product line by making pink for dry skin, blue for oily etc…. artificial colour does nothing good for you skin.


other ingredients I will talk about next time are Lanolin and SD alcohol!